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Brush cats teeth is a phrase a lot of cat owners do not even think about. As humans (most of us) brush out teeth every day, but do you need to brush your cats teeth? Dental hygiene is an extremely important part of keeping your pet happy and healthy. Brush your cats teeth and pay attention to their dental hygiene so your friend can live a long and happy life.

Feline Dental Disease

cat getting dental work performed by vetRoughly 85% of all cats over 3 years of age have some sort of dental issue. You may have no indication that your cat has any problems with their teeth until their dental issues advance.

Most cat dental disease starts well below the gum line, making it virtually undetectable by the cats owners. Cats are also notorious for hiding their pain.

Once gum disease starts in your cats mouth though, it can rapidly progress and create numerous health issues as well as unnecessary pain.

Dental issues that are prevented in humans by brushing their teeth can also be prevented in felines with a simple brushing.

Brushing your cats teeth not only can create a bond between you and your cat, but will also help save you money in the long run by keeping kitty healthy!

How To Brush A Cats Teeth

Start out by gently rubbing around your cats mouth, teeth and face. You can do this as you are normally petting your cat. The idea here is to get your cat use to having your fingers near their mouth and also in their mouth.

Start petting your cat like you normally would. Start working your way to their face and mouth. Lift their lips up a bit and rub around their mouth and gums. Nothing too intrusive, you want to remain very casual about this process until your cat is OK with your finger close to and in their mouth.

Introducing Toothpaste To Your Cat.

c.e.t cat toothpasteOnce your cat openly accepts your fingers touching the inside of their mouth, you can add toothpaste to the process.

DO NOT ever use human toothpaste! It is unsafe for your cat to swallow. You will want to use toothpaste for cats only. Cat toothpaste comes in a wide variety of flavors.

Place a small amount of cat toothpaste on your finger and gently rub their gums and teeth. As you cat is now use to not only having your fingers in their mouth but your fingers with toothpaste on them, it is time to introduce the cat toothbrush.

Cat Toothbrushes 101.

woman holding cat toothbrushCat toothbrushes come in every size, shape and color you can imagine. Most of them are fairly inexpensive. Some are based off of the standard toothbrush design we are all familiar with.

There are even cat finger toothbrushes that fit on the end of your finger and have small bristles on the end.

Most people prefer using the finger toothbrush as it is easier to control.

There is not a wrong or right answer to what toothbrush you start out with. Feel free to experiment with different types to see which your cat prefers and that you also prefer.

Using The Toothbrush.

Sitting behind your cat is most likely going to be the best position to be when brushing their teeth. Place them on the floor to avoid an unintentional claw. Lift their lips and start brushing their teeth. Not too rough! Brush at a slow to moderate pace as you would your own teeth.

Make sure to try and get their back teeth as well. These are usually the hardest to brush but it can be done.

Unlike humans, you only need to brush your cats teeth for about 30 seconds.

Brushing your cats teeth might sound a bit harder than it really is. With a little patience and practice though, your cat will eventually learn to trust you with their dental care. Older cats may be less inclined to accept a brush placed in their mouth. Continue to work with them and they too will get use to it.

If you have a kitten, this is the perfect time to get them use to the daily routine of having their teeth brushed.

No matter the age of your cat or the type, it is always best to brush cats teeth!