Can Kittens Eat Cat Food
Can Kittens Eat Cat Food

In the world of cat foods, there are many different types, brands, formulations for age groups and even food that is specific to a cats coat. Between all of these different types of cat foods, one main question that is asked is can kittens eat cat food?

In short, the answer is yes, kittens can in fact eat cat food. Feeding a kitten adult cat food should only be something that a pet owner should do as a very temporary solution. Temporary as in a day or 2.

An example would be if you had forgot to go to the store that evening, etc. As a long term plan it is not advised to strictly feed a kitten regular cat food.

Why Kittens Need Kitten Food

Kitten food is specially formulated for the caloric needs of a growing cat. As we all know, kittens use a lot of energy growing and also being very active.

Kitten food tends to not only be higher in calories but it can have different nutrients. These nutrients help your baby grow in to a healthy adult.

2 kittens eating cat food with their mother

Overall, kittens and adult cats share the same nutritional profile. But kittens definitely require more calories, which is the main benefit to feeding your kitty kitten food.

Feed your kitten a variety of different flavors. Just like us, they do enjoy different tastes. Over time you may notice your cat will develop a favorite, which is OK.

Between shrimp, fish, chicken, turkey and all of the other options available, your kitty should never get bored with taste!

Feel free to mix it up and give your cat a combination of both wet and dry food. Dry food can be good for your cats teeth.

Other Foods You Can Feed Your Kitten Besides Cat Food

As an occasional treat or for meal supplements you can introduce different foods to your kittens diet. Not only will this help your little one acquire a taste for different foods, but in the long run it will be beneficial if you ever need or want to change their food as an adult.

Here are a few additional foods you can feed your kitten.

Scrambled Eggs For Kittens

eggs in carton

You can feed your kitten scrambled eggs. Do not salt them though or add any additional spices.

Eggs are high in fats and protein which kitty will require. Eggs are a good treat for your kitty and most kittens love them.

Fish, Kittens Love Fish

fresh fish

Fish is high in good fats and protein. Not to mention most cats go crazy for the smell of fish.

Feeding your kitten a very small amount of fish is OK. Just do not over do it. Suggested serving size would be roughly 1/2 to 1 tsb. Nothing more than that though.

Same with feeding your kitten eggs, do not season the fish.

Cat Grass

close up of cat grass

Cat grass typically is either wheat or oat grass. You can even find it set up as a mixture of both grasses. Why would you feed your cat grass though?

Cat grass is packed full of vitamins and minerals. You may have noticed from time to time your cat chewing on your lawn perhaps. While not a necessity, there are a lot of nutritional benefits to letting your cat eat some cat grass.

Cat grass is a completely different plant than catnip.

Even if they do not eat it, it might double as a play toy for your kitty.