In mid September of 2017 an image appeared showing Donald Trump saving cats from flood waters. To this day, almost a few years later the image keeps reappearing.

You may have seen the photo already.

If not, here it is.

Donald Trump Saving Cats From Flood

Did Donald Trump really brave flood waters to save a couple of cats?

The truth is no, Donald Trump did not save any cats from flood waters. If you see this image on any social media accounts, just know that it is in fact fake.

The image was confirmed a hoax. People who are keen on image editing software such as Photoshop knew this right off the bat.

The man who was rescuing the 2 cats is named Brandon Smith. He was a resident in Cedar Rapids, IA in 2008 when the area was flooded. Doing what all good cat owners do, he saved his cats from flood waters and happened to be photographed during the process.

Donald Trump And Cats, How He Did Actually Help All Cats?

Many of us do not know that it once was not a federal crime to import and export, slaughter and trade cats and dogs in 44 states for human consumption.

Alcee Hastings, a democrat out of Florida was the one who first introduced what is called The Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition Act. He did this in mid 2017.

By December of 2018 the act was signed in by Donald Trump. This was a provision to the Farm Bill.

Hopefully one day in countries that consume cats and dogs for food will eventually follow.