How To Tell If A Cat Is Happy
How To Tell If A Cat Is Happy

It is no secret that cats can have very diverse behaviors that can at times be hard to read and understand. We do the best to make out feline friends happy, but how do you really know if your cat is happy?

Here are some for sure signs on how to tell if a cat is happy.

Healthy Cat Equals Happy Cat

We know that as humans if we feel good, we are generally happy. Helping to keep your cat healthy is a way to keep them happy.

Regular checkups, brushing your cats teeth and feeding them the proper cat food are all ways to keep you cat in top physical health.

If you have a healthy cat then odds are you have a healthy cat!

Happy Cats Are Relaxed

A relaxed cat is another sign that your cat is happy. If your cat appears to be carefree and calm then he or she is probably in a pretty good mood.

There are many things that can stress a cat out. Both intentional and non intentional. For example, some cats hate car rides. This causes them to act stressed out to the point it is visibly obvious.

If there is something in your cats life that is stressing it out that the owner can change or minimize, it is a good idea to do so. You will have a more relaxed and happy kitty.

Your Cat Can Purr When It Is Happy

Cats tend to purr when they are content. This is also a way they try to calm their self down. While purring is not an absolute sign that your cat is happy, it can be depending on the circumstance.

If your cat purrs while you are petting it or while you are feeding it cat treats, this is in fact a sign that your cat is enjoying the situation and is completely happy.

On the other hand, if you find your cat is purring at strange an unusual times, it could mean a consultation with the vet is in order.

Your Cat Will Play Often When it Is Happy

In the wild when cats are busy hunting and trying to survive, they do not have much time to play. All of their energy is spent on survival.

When your cat is happy though and it’s primal needs are met, they will be happy and play more often.

Play can not only help de-stress your cat but it usually is a great form of exercise. Exercise is healthy for your cat, which in return makes a happy cat.

Cat toys are very inexpensive and can be a great enhancement to their life.

Making Bread – Kneading

Kneading is a behavior cats perform when they are kittens. They do this during nursing to stimulate their mothers oxytocin levels. When the mother releases oxytocin, this not only creates a bonding effect between the mother and her kittens, it also allows the mother to relax. This in turn allows her milk to flow more freely.

Some cats will knead all the way in to adulthood. This type of action is performed when they are happy as it reverts back to their childhood.

So no, they are not really making bread. They are just happy!

They Show You Their Belly

When a cat feels safe and secure, they tend to display their underside to you. If your cat is showing you their belly it is a good sign that they are a very happy cat.

Cat upside down showing belly

It could mean they have really amazing abs and they are trying to show off, but most likely they are just content.

How To Make Your Cat Happy

For the most part, cats are pretty easy to make happy. Get regular checkups with your local veterinarian, feed them a balanced diet of healthy cat food, give them shelter and provide a safe and stable environment for your cat to live in.

That is it! The different ways on how to make your cat happy. They really do not need a whole lot.

Don’t forget a few cat treats here and there. Those make cats happy as well. Oh, and some catnip never hurts.