man saves cat from frozen lake

A Hobart, Indiana man did something that truly deserves hero status.

On Christmas eve a 21 yr old man named Darden Schrug noticed a cat that had fell through the ice on a semi frozen lake.

The stranded cat was fighting for it’s life, trying to stay above the ice. Growing tired and cold, the stranded cat most likely would have died if Darden did not do something.

He decided to strip down to his boxers and dive into the icy waters. He swam through not only freezing cold water, but sharp pieces of ice covering the top layer of the lake.

In the video you can see the cat stop struggling when Darden starts to swim toward the cat. Almost as if the cat sensed it would soon be rescued.

Once Schrug reached the cat, it started growling at him. Either the cat was feral, scared, or a combination of both. By then the cat was so cold it could not do anything but surrender it’s self to Darden.

With the cat in hand, he swam to the shore. Upon reaching land, he can be seen in the video setting the cat free.

If cats really do have 9 lives, this one now has 8.