When a cat keeps sneezing continuously, it could be the sign of something common or more serious. Cats sneeze from time to time. Sneezing in a cat is a way for their bodies to remove debris and other irritants from their nose.

A sneeze here and there is nothing to worry about. If your cat keeps sneezing though, this could be a reason o be concerned.

Reasons Your Cat Keeps Sneezing

The reasons your cat keeps sneezing can range from a simple allergy to something life threatening.

Persistent sneezing and sneezing in conjunction with other symptoms are especially something you want to watch out for.

Here are some of the most common reasons for your cat to keep sneezing.

Upper Respiratory Infections

Upper respiratory infections in cats can be deadly. When humans get an upper respiratory infection they eek professional medical attention. This rule should also apply to your cat.

Younger cats are more susceptible to respiratory infections. Sometimes their little bodies have not quite developed the strenght to battle any sort of viral or bacterial infections.

Cats coming from a shelter are also prone to feline respiratory infections.

Cats who have not been properly vaccinated can also b at risk for these types of infections. Many diseases can be prevented completely with a simple vaccination.


Cats can develop allergies. These allergies can cause a few sneezes here and there. They can also make your cat completely miserable.

Luckily, your veterinarian can diagnose and treat your cats allergies to minimize suffering. Most cat allergies are highly treatable.

Dental Issues

Dental issues in cats can actually cause sneezing. If your cats dental issues become so severe that bacteria reach the nasal passages, this can cause your cat to sneeze.

Cat Sneezing Overview

A sneeze ere and there is completely normal. Consistent sneezing is something that needs to be looked at.

If your cats sneezing is followed by lethargic behavior, mucus, loss of appetite or any discharge either from the eyes or nose, have your cat checked out right away by a vet.