North American bobtail cat

The North American bobtail cat is one of the most sought after breeds of cats. These playful and curious little creatures are very adorable and also intriguing. This is not your ordinary house cat, but rather a large and sometimes intimidating cat breed.

Origins of the North American bobtail cat

Depending on who you talk to, the American bobcat was born as a result of the breeding of a domestic tabby cat and the North American wild bobcat.

Also, the North American bobtail cat unusual looking tail is a product of a random genetic mutation that took place within the local cat population.

Some say that this genetic mutation might be related to the so-called ‘Manx Gene’ which is dominant. It’s said that a brown tabby cat named Yodie was mated with another interesting cat breed named seal-point Siamese female, which lead to the birth of the American Bobtail cat.

This was the creation of its original bloodline, where most of the early bloodlines have gone extinct.

Official Recognition

The North American bobtail cat breed was manipulated in such a way that it will form a totally new strain which can be found in all colors as well as coat types.

It was The International Cat Association or the TICA, based in the USA to recognize the new breed in 1989. Later, the breed was also accepted to be a contender in competitions by the TICA, the CFA or the Cat Fancier’s Association as well as the American Cat Fanciers Association.

Also, the breed has become so popular as far as China, that the Cat Aficionado Association of China has adopted the breeding standards of the ACFA. However, it is unknown whether there are any specimens in China.

Today, the breed is recognized in its two forms, the American Bobtail Longhair as well the American Bobtail Shorthair in the World Cat Federation Based in Germany. However, the breed has no WCF standard and hence is not accepted for breeding.


Leaving the fact aside that this breed is one of the most adorable ones, the American Bobtail Cat takes two to three years to fully develop which is way slower than most of the cat breeds.

The cat is hearty and short-tailed. The cat’s body is moderate in length with a substantial amount of boning and stockiness. With a full and broad chest, it has substantial hips, which just as wide as the chest.

Its hind legs are longer than its forelegs and its feet are round in shape. Its head is like a broad wedge and devoid of fat panes and a size proportionate to the body.

Some of its other noticeable features are a curved shape from its nose to the brow, an un-pinched broad muzzle, whisker pads that are prominent and rounded tips that are equally mounted on the top as well as on the side of the head.

Its aperture is angled in such a way that it is based to the ear and has medium spacing and deep sockets. It can significantly vary in eye color as well as the color of the coat.


There is a good reason why this breed is so popular among urban cat owners. This breed is very social, energetic and playful in its disposition. Surprisingly, its nature as an interbred breed has positively affected the nature of its intelligence.

American Bobtail cats have been reported to escape from closed doors as well as secured cages. This only goes to show how ingenious and smart an American Bobtail cat can be. If you are a social person and prefer pets that are equally social, you should definitely buy this cat.

The North American Bobtail, as mentioned before is very social, not only with other cats but also humans. Especially with their caretakers and their owners, the cat needs a lot of attention.

The cat will try to attract attention by meowing or by hopping into the owner’s lap. This breed is absolutely not aggressive and is easily adaptable with other pets. Even the long-distance truckers have found them to be good companions while traveling.


Owners should regularly comb and brush the cat so that they do not leave hair on mats or tangles on furniture.

You will be able to notice that the cat sheds more hair during the spring as well as fall, therefore it needs to be frequently groomed during these times. However, bathing the cat is rarely required.

The breed is vulnerable to periodontal disease and hence requires weekly brushing. It needs its nails to be trimmed after every few weeks.

You also need to wipe the corners of its eye with a clean and soft damp cloth to get the eyes rid of any discharge.

Ear hygiene is also very important. If they are dirty, wipe them clean with a cotton ball or a damp soft cloth that has been moistened with an equal measure of vinegar as well as warm water.

However, always remember to avoid cotton swabs as they can damage the interior of the ear.

Never forget to brush your cats teeth!

Always remember to keep its litter box very clean since cats are known to be particular in regards to bathroom hygiene.

It is always a good idea to keep the cat indoors in order to protect it from dangers such as diseases spread by other cats, getting attacked by dogs and coyotes or the risk of being run over by a car.

Being the wonderful cats that they are, they also risk getting stolen by people who adore cats like these.


The American Bobtail is a wonderful and marvelous creature to own. If you have been looking forward to buying a cat that is intelligent, entertaining and beautiful, the American Bobtail can be your ideal pet.