Norwegian forest cats are one of the most attractive cat breeds. They stand apart from other cats with their bushy fur coat and wild looks. Norwegian cats generally display a gentle and engaging behavior that makes them perfect to be domesticated by humans. Here are some detailed facts about the Norwegian forest cat that will help you better understand how it is to pet one at your home:

Norwegian Forest Cat Looks

Norwegian forest cats are most popular for their wild and naturally beautiful looks. These cats are classified under the natural breed category, the very reason which attributes to their innate good looks. Norwegian forest cats are quite muscular in built, along with having extremely thick coats and a full whooshing tail that saves them from extreme climatic conditions. All these years, Norwegian forest cats have evolved in such a way that has helped them adapt their bodies as per the grueling climatic needs of their northern homelands.

Norwegian Forest Cat Physicality & Vital Stats

Norwegian forest cats are huge in built with stout and muscular bodies. Where a male Norwegian forest cat normally weighs between 4.5 to 7.5kgs, a female Norwegian forest cat can weigh between 3.3 to 5.5kgs. Generally, a healthy Norwegian forest cat that has been taken care of efficiently has a life expectancy of 14-16 years.

Norwegian Forest Cat laying on carpet

Norwegian Forest Cat Nature & Behavioral Qualities

Keeping in view the wild looks of a Norwegian forest cat, you might expect pets from this breed to be quite fierce and unsocial. But, on the contrary, Norwegian forest cats display quite a gentle and friendly behavior in the company of their human friends. In the beginning, a Norwegian forest cat can appear to be reserved and shy, but after they are comfortable in your company they will get along really well.

In fact, Norwegian forest cats love to prosper in a happy atmosphere, even in the company of your other pets at home. These forest cats also get along really nice with kids, as they love to play most of the times. It will generally take about a period of five years for your Norwegian forest cat to enter into adulthood, which is quite a long period as compared to their other cat friends.

As Norwegian forest cats are blessed with really dense and waterproof coats, they love to spend time outdoors. Most of the time they spend outdoors is used to bring into use their great hunting skills, especially if you reside in the countryside. The fact that Norwegian forest cats have great hunting skills, also make them a big fan of climbing and jumping. So, watching your pretty wild pet climbing and jumping from one place to another will be a common sight, if you are planning to bring a Norwegian forest cat to your home!

Norwegian Forest Cat Common Health Issues

Generally, most Norwegian forest cats live quite a healthy life, owing to their naturally bred history. Perhaps, this is one of the key reasons that do not easily make them prone to hereditary related diseases and health issues.

Although, Norwegian forest cats are quite less likely to suffer from any serious health issues, one thing you need to keep in check in all this time is their weight. As Norwegian forest cats are naturally blessed with a robust and muscular body, it is quite easy for them to pile on more weight and get excessively heavier with time. Hence, in order to keep your cat’s weight in check and protect it against any weight related health issues, you need to ensure regular outdoor activity and age-appropriate food for it at every life stage.

Norwegian Forest Cat Grooming Requirements

When it comes to grooming, Norwegian forest cats are quite low maintenance. Despite having such thick fur coat, Norwegian forest cats do not need much help grooming themselves for a great appearance. The reason behind this is the fact that Norwegian forest cats are themselves quite efficient at taking care of their long fur coat, as they spend a lot of time de-tangling and looking after it. So, in order to groom a Norwegian forest cat at home, all you need is to brush it as much as 2-3 times a week, and leave the rest on its naturally gifted beauty!

How is it to pet a Norwegian Forest Kitten?

There is no way anyone will not fall in love with a cute little Norwegian forest kitten. Much like any kitten breed, Norwegian forest kittens are adorably cute munchkins. As, a Norwegian forest kitten takes up as much as five years to reach complete adulthood, you will have enough time to spend with these quirky creatures in their immature state.

If you have made up your mind to get a Norwegian forest kitten as your pet, then there are a few things that you must look for while selecting the one for you. For instance, while selecting a Norwegian forest kitten, you must choose the one which displays great energy, strength, shiny eyes and a feathery fur coat – as all these are signs of a healthy kitten.


Norwegian forest cats are hugely admired and loved by all cat lovers, and there are more than just one or two reasons behind their immense popularity as a potential pet. Norwegian forest cats not just look pretty and great, but also exemplify a good behavior in the company of their human friends as well as other fellow pets. Another great quality of Norwegian forest cats that makes them a perfect pet option for you is the fact that they are not much high maintenance. Be it at home or the outdoors, your Norwegian forest cat will display a happy go lucky and playful behavior that will be enough to cheer you and make it a happy day for everyone at home. So, if you are looking for a beautiful, friendly and low maintenance pet option in cats, then a Norwegian forest cat perfectly suits your bill!