Siamese cat sitting on table with bright blue eyes
Siamese cat sitting on table with bright blue eyes

Siamese cats are probably one of the most popular and familiar cat breeds to date. They are a long and slender cat with short hair. Their signature almond shaped blue eyes, dark brown face along with their muted brown and cream colored body are recognized by almost any cat lover.

With breeding, the Siamese has changed a bit over the years and now there are 8 different common variations of the breed. They have also contributed to many other breeds such as the Balinese cat.

The Siamese cat has remarkable agility and will provide hours of love and entertainment for their owners. They are notorious for running and jumping gracefully as they are hunting for their cat toys.

Siamese cats are usually extremely vocal. They have great communication skills if you happen to speak cat. Siamese cat owners have also reported their cat will attempt to communicate using touch.

A majority of Siamese cats tend to be on the cautious side when interacting with humans they do not know. Although cautious, once they get to know you they are complete lovers. You can definitely consider this breed of cat as a lap cat when it is not busy playing.

These cats are highly intelligent and social. They do well with families, children and other cats.


The average health of a Siamese is usually pretty remarkable. They are however prone to a few diseases and disorders such as retinal atrophy and glaucoma. Especially as they start to age.

Problems with their teeth are also common. So make sure you have a cat tooth brush and time to take care of their teeth to prevent issues before they start.

Crossed eyes and kinked tails were at one point a common problem and one that can still arise. But due to safe breeding practices, the number of Siamese cats with these conditions have gone down.

Heart issues and cancer are also something to be aware of with the Siamese. Regular vet visits can help keep kitty in tip top shape.

Bladder stones are also found more often in Siamese. Bladder stones can happen at any age but are more commonly found in older cats. This is usually a treatable condition. If left untreated they can cause your cat a great deal of pain and even death.


The Siamese cat does not require any special grooming. They are a fairly low maintenance cat. Since they have a short hair coat, brushing them every week or 2 is enough to keep them happy.

They do require their nails clipped every few weeks, especially if they are indoor cats and do not have a scratching post.

Teeth brushing is also just as important with a Siamese as it is every other cat so they do not end up with periodontal disease and other tooth issues. So make sure to brush your cats teeth.

Eight Types Of Siamese

Through out the years, breeders have worked at breeding different genetic deformities from the Siamese cat lineage. These were conditions such as a kinked tail as well as cats being born cross eyed.

As the breeding of these cats increased in numbers, so did the different distinct versions of this cat breed.

Here are the 8 most common versions of the Siamese cat.

1. Seal Point Siamese

Seal Point Siamese kitten standing in window.
Seal Point Siamese Kitten

The Seal Point Siamese has a white coat that is lightly dusted with brown highlights. The brown in their coat tends to darken as the cat gets older.

2. Wedgie

The wedgie has it’s name due to it’s distinct wedge shaped head. They really have a triangular shape to their face and are most often they type of Siamese that are considered show quality.

3. Applehead

The Applehead Siamese has the same color and marking as the traditional Siamese. The only difference is they are a bit heavier and carry a more rounded face and head. Their rounded head can be described as more of an apple shape.

4. Blue Point Siamese

Blue Point Siamese cat laying on a bed
Blue Point Siamese Cat

Blue Point Siamese tend to lack the darker color as other Siamese. Their hair is for the most part white, with smaller amounts of a blueish/gray highlights through out their coat.

5. Lilac Point

Lilac Point Siamese face
Lilac Point Siamese

The Lilac Point is identical to the Blue Point, other than the highlights tend to be a bit more on the pinkish side instead of blue.

6. Chocolate Point

Chocolate Point Siamese cats carry a more traditional look. They have a white coat with chocolate highlights.

7. Red Point Siamese Also Know As Flame Point

Red Point Siamese laying on bed
Red Point Siamese

The Red Point or Flame Point Siamese is a version of the breed that came into existence somewhere in the late 20’s to early 30’s. They started out in the United Kingdom, being bred with tortiseshell British cats that contained the genetics to produce orange hair.

Some of the Flame Point Siamese have a slight variation of reddish stripes. Overall, a very beautiful version of Siamese.

8. Snowshoe Siamese Cat

Snowshoe Siamese cat laying on floor

Snowshoe Siamese Cat

The Snowshoe Siamese cat is one of the most colorful Siamese. They are recognizable by their white feet and usually have a combination of brows, blacks and traces of grey through out their coat.

This breed came about roughly in the 1960’s. A Philadelphia Siamese cat breeder ended up with a litter of kittens in which they all had white feet. From there the Snowshoe Siamese Cat was born.

History Of The Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are one of the oldest cat breeds in history. Their roots trace back to the 14th century in area called Siam, which is now where modern day Thailand is located.

During the time of Siam, the Siamese cats were considered to be a sacred animal. These cats were limited to members of royalty and Buddhist monks. Members of royal families actually thought that once they died, their soul would enter the Siamese cat. During this incarnation as one of these beautiful cats, their life would be spent getting spoiled by monks.

It was not until the 1800’s when members of the Siam royal family started giving the Siamese cats as gifts to visiting dignitaries, primarily from Europe. From that point is when the Siamese started to become a common breed through out Western culture.

Siamese Cat Facts

All Siamese Cats are born white. This is due to the fact that they are partially albino. As they get older, their colors start to show through their coat. So do not be alarmed if you happen to see a pure white Siamese. This is normal.

Speaking of the color of their coat. The Siamese coat tends to change color in the region their are living in based on temperature. When these cats live in an average temperature below 100 degrees, their fur coats contain more pigment.

The Siamese is a organic cat breed. These cats are thought to have developed naturally, without any breeder influence. Although no one is entirely sure if they started out being bred domestically or not.

Training a Siamese cat is much easier than training other cats. They are very intelligent. With their signals and vocalization techniques, they tend to train their owners.