Why Do Cats Purr
Why Do Cats Purr?

Cats are the most widely accepted pets in the world after dogs. They are cute, fun loving and funny. The most common sound that a cat makes is purring. We all love to hear cats purr, don’t we? There is nothing better than your cat curling up on your lap and making the sound of satisfaction. But have you ever wondered why cats purr? We humans smile, the dog wags their tails and cats purr. We all have different ways of showing contentment.

However, when a cat makes a purring sound it might be much more than just feeling contented. It can indicate pain or discomfort or even distress. Cats are even known to make poring sound when they give birth. So it is indicative of much more than just happiness. It is a mechanism intended for the cats to repair and rest. This is the only way they can communicate with people around them and let them know about their current situation or interests. But before we actually learn why cats purr, let us look at how cats purr.

Cats Purr Because They Are Happy

Cats may purr to show that they are happy. It is their unique way to communicate their emotions. Just look if your cat feels relaxed if it is laying on its back with its eyes half open and it’s tail completely still. These factors can indicate that your cat is perfectly happy and contended and it is happy in its own space. This purring sound indicates a wide grin of contentment.

Your Cat Is Trying To Tell You Something

Cats are just like babies who makes various sounds when they are hungry. Researchers of Britain have found that a cat’s purr does not sound the same when it is hungry opposed to when it is not. When cats purr they generally merge their usual purring sound with a sound of discomfort and it sounds like an unpleasant cry of a human baby.

Researches have shown that humans are most likely to respond to this sound than any other purring sound. This sound is almost understood by every human regardless of the fact they are or are, not cat owners.

The Connection Between Mother And Kitten

mother cat and kitten
mother cat and kitten

Cats purr is a good way of establishing a mother-kitten bond. Kittens usually purr when they are just a few days old and they want to let their mothers know about their location and also indicate that they are safe.

Relief And Healing

Apart from all these reasons, it is likely that a cat purr in order to feel relieved. Researches have also shown that a purring sound can heal the cat of its wounds, can ease breathing and can also relieve swelling and pain.

These were some of the reasons why cats purr. So next time it purrs look closely to find out the exact reasons.

How Cats Purr

A most interesting fact is that cats do not have any special mechanism or near in their body which enables them to purr. Purring occurs when there is a rapid movement of the larynx muscles in combination with the movement of the diaphragm which is a muscle below the chest cavity.

The muscles are in motion approximately around 20-30 times per second. When the cat inhales and exhales the breath comes in contact with the quivering muscles which produce a purring sound.

Each and every cat on this earth makes a unique purring sound where some cats might emit loud high pitched sound while others only produce low rumbling noise.