Why Do Cats Sleep So Much
Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Give a cat some cozy place to sleep and they’ll be sleeping in a blink of your eye. Getting enough rest is a top priority for the cats. Cats have several weird behaviors like playing in the boxes, hiding in small places and sleeping excessively is one of them. On an average, cats sleep for 12-16 hours a day.

That’s a lot of time even for the laziest teenagers.

Cats can even fall asleep on your refrigerator, an open laptop etc. Despite of the long hours of rest, she is always lazy and in a resting phase. For people who don’t know much about cats may think that cats don’t do anything and just rely on humans for the food.

The following points will help you understand why cats sleep the way they do.

Cats Save Energy To Hunt

Cats are predators and food for them doesn’t grow on fields, the hunter has to work for it. Once the cat sees a prey, they carefully set themselves in the perfect position in order to pounce. Since a cat is an ambush predator, they need an intense burst of energy to catch the prey. Cats eat fresh and to have a fresh prey, they need to hunt. The cats need to be well prepared for multiple hunting attempts. They sleep to conserve the energy and get ready for the next hunt.

They Sleep With An Open Eye

white cat sleeping with one eye open

Sleeping in an open eye doesn’t mean that they sleep with one eye open but they are always in a light sleep. The cat is known as a wait and see predator, so they depend on being able to act spontaneously after seeing a potential prey.

As cats are always in a light sleep, they can instantly engage themselves for a hunt. Light sleeps helps their body for immediate reaction, whether it’s for hunting or for protection from a larger predator. They also sleep deeply for 10-15 minutes at a time.

Cats Can Sleep A Lot Due To The Weather

Cats are also living beings so it’s not a serious surprise that they get affected by the weather. The behavior of your cat can change greatly on the basis of different characteristics like the breed, age, overall health, temperament etc.

However, regardless of these factors, these fur animals do sleep more when it’s called by the weather.

Even if you have an indoor dweller cat, rainy season or cold weather, the cat will find always a cozy place to sleep just like you. It’s as natural as it happens with you.

Other Reasons Cats Sleep So Much

sleeping cats

The sleep patterns for cats is different from ours. They have a light sleep cycle for up to half an hour which is followed by deep sleep of 5-15 minutes. Then they are again back to their light sleep. It keeps them aware of any predators around them.

The kittens and old cats sleep longer than the adults. Kittens are the most active ones when they’re awake. The cats even adjust their schedules of sleeping to spend some time with you.

There is nothing like too little or too much sleep for your cats. She sleeps and rests when needed. Adequate sleep is essential for the health and longevity of your cat. Always work with your cat’s natural sleep cycle and don’t force him/her to sleep or rest, by doing this both of you will get a good night’s sleep.

However, if your cat starts sleeping much more or much less than her natural cycle, take your cat to a vet for a health check-up.