Why Does My Cat Headbutt Me?

A headbutt is not only something UFC fighters do. Cats are known to headbutt their owners. Are they mad? You might wonder why does my cat headbutt me?

The answer has nothing to do with wanting to challenge you to a death match. It has more to do with love than hate. A strange way to show affection, but it is a sign your cat loves you.

Headbutting AKA Bunting And The Reasons

Don’t worry, headbutting is a completely normal behavior in a cat. Even big cats in the wild will do this. Here are a few of the reasons why you cat may be headbutting you.

Marking Their Territory With Scent

Cats of all shapes and sizes have scent glands. They use these scent glands to mark objects for territorial purposes.

Sometimes cats will perform bunting movements toward different objects. For example, they may rub their head and neck against a cat tower to place their scent on it. This is their area and they make that well known.

Headbutting Can Be Used As A Social Signal

Headbutting or bunting can also be a sign of respect. Cats instinctively know that their head and neck are vulnerable parts of their body. You can clearly see that when they hunt they tend to target these areas in their prey.

They also know that being close to the head and mouth of another animal may not turn out well in their favor. This is a sign of trust.

They may headbutt as a sign of trust, respect and love. Since cats can not speak, this is the next best thing. Ram your head in to someone or something you care about.

Cats do not only headbutt humans, they will headbutt dogs, other cats and anything else that they are familiar with and like.

Do All Cats Headbutt?

No, not all cats headbutt. Just as humans show love differently, cats do as well. If your cat does not headbutt you there is nothing to worry about.

They most likely love you. Their methods of showing affection are just different as all.