why does my cat sleep on my head
Why does my cat sleep on my head?

If you have ever wondered why your cat likes to sleep on your head, you are not alone. Every night, cat owners all across the world wonder the same question.

While the answer to the question of “why does my cat sleep on my head” is not entirely know, there are quite a few theories.

Here are a few potential reasons why your cat wants to sleep on your head.

You Move Around Too Much

If you move around a lot while you sleep then your cat may not wish to sleep near your legs and feet. Human legs and feet tend to move much more during sleep than their shoulders and head.

If your cat likes to sleep with you but your legs are all over the place, then this could cause the cat to have to move often through out the night.

Cats are not dumb. If they figure out that sleeping near your head is a more stable place to sleep with less interruptions, they most likely are going to lay there.

Your Head Is Warm And Cats Like Warmth

Most of our body head comes through our head. If your sleeping area is cold or colder than your cats liking, they may gravitate toward your head.

Cats like to be warm and comfortable. If your head serves as a warm place, it would be completely logical that your cat would like to be there.

One thing you might try to figure out why your cat likes to sleep on your head is take note of the temperature in your room. If you notice your cat sleeps on your head during cooler times, then temperature is most likely the reason it is sleeping there.


A lot of cat behavior is based off of smell. Your cat could simply love your smell. Whether it is hair products or a natural scent, these could be reasons why your cat sleeps on your head.

It could even be your breath. Your cat may love you so much that it is not affected by morning breath! Doubtful, but just maybe.

Sounds You Make

Cats purr for a lot of different reasons. The noise and the action can have a soothing effect. They also purr to sooth other cats and animals.

It is completely possible the snoring or deeper breathing humans perform during sleep could also relax a cat.

Your cat may feel comforted by listening to you breathe.

Your Cat May Sleep On Your Head Because It Likes You

Once again, this theory points back to comfort. If you are a great cat owner and show your feline a bunch of love, then it may be content with you. The closer it can get, they more secure it will feel.

Sleep leaves every breathing creature a bit vulnerable. Your cat may like sleeping on your head because it feels secure knowing that both your and your cat are a bit more protected.

This could be a sign your cat loves you!

Physical Comfort, Cats Like To Be Comfortable

Our heads lay on pillows at night. Your cat may be sleeping on your head because of a physical feature such as a pillow or even the feel of your own hair.

Physical comfort mixed with the appeal of warmth may provide an irresistible location for your cat to sleep.


No matter what the reason is to why your cat sleeps on your head, it most likely is a good thing.

Unless your cat is disrupting your sleep, or even worse your air supply, then it might just be something you may have to deal with. You can always train your cat to sleep else where if sleeping on your head becomes problematic.