Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Legs?

Why does my cat sleep on my legs is like asking why does my cat do anything it does. Most likely because it wants to. Cats have a tendency to do whatever they want, when ever they want. Which is why we love them! But there is a more scientific reason why your cat likes to sleep on your legs that extends beyond “because they want to”.

As cat owners, we know that our cats at times love to sleep on us. Cats sleep on my chest, cats sleep on my head, they sleep in the sink, they sleep in my bed. Why would our cat possibly like sleeping on our legs though? Couple of reasons come in to play.

Cats like to sleep on your legs because they are warm. When you add some nice toasty blankets or a soft comforter to the mix, this creates one of the perfect cat beds ever made! Depending on how your legs are positioned, this can even create a little cat hammock. Giving your feline friend a vacation spot of it’s own.

Cats Love To Sleep On The Legs Of A Non Restless Sleeper

If you are the type of person who literally stays in one position all night, you are the perfect candidate to become a cat bed. Since a lot of cats like to sleep on the legs of their owners, finding an owner that has minimal leg movement in the night is every cats dream.

Since cats can be temperamental and do not wish to be bothered while they rest, this type of scenario is the perfect set up for the cat who is a leg sleeper.

Your Legs May Serve As A Vantage Point

Since cats are a bit nocturnal, most likely they are not really sleeping the whole time. They can be up doing really interesting cat stuff like making fur balls to hack up later or thinking about what they want to knock off the shelves.

Your legs could provide a great location for your cat to not only think about fun and important things to do, but they can serve as a vantage point in which they can keep an eye on the place while you sleep and they plan.

If your bed is up high, this could serve as a strategical location for your cat to sleep and keep watch as well.

Your Legs Are The Best Place To Sleep

Maybe you cat just thinks your legs are more comfortable than the sink it usually sleeps in? Maybe your cat sleeps in other obscure places such as a washing machine and discovered sleeping on your legs is a bit more comfortable?

Whatever kitty’s reason is, you can guarantee it has decided your legs are the most comfortable place for it to sleep.

It could be a hint that it wants you to buy it a cat bed.

The Real Reason Why Your Cat Sleeps On Your Legs

The real reason why your cat chooses to sleep on your legs is most likely a combination of all of our answers above.

Your cat loves you and wants to be close. Your body is warm, the bedding is comfy and is in the perfect location for kitty to see what is going on. Your cat feels content and secure with you and wants you to know this!